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Views: 401 · Added: 1026 days ago

Has anyone ever ended up in a relationship from this site before? It seems like quite a few people get close from what i've seem on some profiles but i dunno if it has ever gone further for anyone.

I've been trying to talk to people from here and hoping it might happen but results have varied. Anyone else in the same boat?

Views: 302 · Added: 1027 days ago

wanna chat maybe trade

Views: 431 · Added: 1027 days ago

Anyone with skype that would like to chat and stuff send me a request lonelybassist1
leave me your age pls :)

c 2 c are u playing cam to cam
Views: 244 · Added: 1027 days ago

are you playing cam to cam ?
what are you think ?

videos not working
Views: 259 · Added: 1028 days ago

ok so whats up with videos not working it says there not loaded nothing plays just a black screen

Crazy German creeper stocker! :(
Views: 1193 · Added: 1028 days ago

Nick i wrote you about this guy on my page before. He stopped with his crazy creepy post . That lasted for about a week. Now he is right back at it. Can you help me ? He is very creepy and something is wrong here. If anyone has anything else to add please do .Ruslan

Views: 455 · Added: 1029 days ago

I just figured out recently how to upload photos to this site.I dont know why they are so small when they upload,they are not that small when I save them to my computer. Can someone tell me how to correct this problem? Thanks

Views: 602 · Added: 1029 days ago

im trying to meet someone in texas older age or younger who would love pick me up take me to a private area open my legs hold me tight and pop me open!!!!! im 17 texas san santonio

boyfriend anyone ??
Views: 314 · Added: 1031 days ago

im 17 latino boy shory darked hair looking for a nice relationship i do phone and facebook only im looking for exerienced people im still virgin and im planning to learn more im catholic im looking some one in texas

phone sex in texas
Views: 318 · Added: 1031 days ago

phone sex anyone ???

Hey all you Horny Fuckers Out There In Da Houseeeeee :D
Views: 250 · Added: 1031 days ago

Hey all you Horny Fuckers Out There In Da Houseeeeee :D

I am Bored hehe:D

Views: 260 · Added: 1031 days ago

Hey every one i have been uploading videos and the do not show up

anyone else been having the same problems but i do up load the videos to the other sites i am on

Follow me on twitter to or Facebook to find out more or when i release a new video

Views: 518 · Added: 1031 days ago

Today I tried a new "audio drug" by the name of "relaxation" and really worked for me there are others marihuana extasis terror and I was wondering if anyone has heard about this stuff??? the videos are something not to be mist some people said that there dangerous so again if anyone knows about it please tell me. thanks

hi all
Views: 380 · Added: 1031 days ago

i need help on here plz help me x

im looking for a boyfriend
Views: 511 · Added: 1032 days ago

hi im 17 hispanic latino short im looking for a relationship in texas san antonio my hometown never been with man im still waiting to be open ;)

suck my cock
Views: 367 · Added: 1032 days ago

anyone wanna

other sites like this
Views: 822 · Added: 1032 days ago

hey is there any other sites just like this one with the photo section like this one

Views: 811 · Added: 1032 days ago

my favorites are red and black boxers :)

Views: 293 · Added: 1032 days ago

Theres plenty of choice of these, any tips on the good ones and bad ones and are they addictive?

east london
Views: 268 · Added: 1032 days ago

anyone on here live there

I want to upload some pics but can't
Views: 345 · Added: 1032 days ago

but uploaders show only for video. Is the uploader screwed-up?

...what does it mean being `UNDERAGED´ ??!
Views: 310 · Added: 1032 days ago

Thank u very much Mr.Sm for this really important question (but may it´s not fair doing that on the Back of a named user...even sitting in ya `glashouse´yourself...)
When we donot accept ourself here, others from outside will never accept our way of love...But u can sure this people are protesting with the loudest voices are knowing about the Boy_Beauty at all...In all societys even younger Boys get misused by mostly family-persons (Brother,Cousin.Father.Uncle)including araBian countries...
When u not get misued sexuell I am sure you know others who have going through...if there are really possibilities to speak let it out...many felt very shamy & being wrong,thinking that have been their own mistake that happen this...
The reality is like this...and the question is how to get that away from happening in the underground - from the darkness in the light...Loving Boys even younger mean never the same and what you may be thinking about iS YOUR OWN THAUGHTS about...and when it´s `Bad´ in ya own must not really `Bad´ done by the other...
The Big spagath between Judgements & Reality is the proBlem...Older mostly men(Politicals..) misused young people for that they dictate themthinking sexuality which orientation how ever start with 18 , 16 . 15 , 14 , 13 (Japan...)Children donot have this Lobby they have to have...
(in nearly all Televisions you can see killing by murders...But seeing sex=criminal)
Let me try saying that like this way: the most important question should not only be WHAT(?) I do - MUCH MORE HOW & WHY (my realmotivation) I acting so or even so...

By the way:in `BarBados´ is this question no question at & for ALL...because EVERYONE accepting his next just the way he is...and also allowing just being himself...sounds so easy & simple at why shouldn´t we not START
and each(!) sexuality is just sexuality AS A PART OF RESPECT-&HEARTFUL COMMUNiCATiON
not more & not less...

Guys in Upstate New York?
Views: 479 · Added: 1032 days ago

I'm 18, 19 in February, and I go to college in Upstate New York. I was wondering if anyone was close by and would like to get to know me. I'm kind of lonely and really horny. Perhaps we could set up a date or something.

Clean smooth shave ( hate dick hair want to be hairless)
Views: 1040 · Added: 1032 days ago

Does any one have suggestions for removing my fricken hair I hate it

Hey NickyNick
Views: 2985 · Added: 1033 days ago

just saying lots of those guys in NN89 post don't look 18 - lots of concern about that here.

Views: 304 · Added: 1033 days ago

Just a place to have fun and enjoy your self while you ae visiting my Blog

Skype anyone?
Views: 501 · Added: 1033 days ago

So I am not liking the msg system on this site so far.
Whose got skype?

Views: 430 · Added: 1033 days ago

Is it just me or has the page numbers disappeared from the video page. I can only see the first page and can't get any further back. If someone could post the direct link to page 2/3 etc. I'd be very grateful.

This site has issues
Views: 209 · Added: 1033 days ago

just tried to upload a bunch of pics and it just never finalizes it.

How do i UL a vid??
Views: 499 · Added: 1034 days ago

Hello... I have no idea how to upload a video here... other than you hit the red "UPLOAD" button, select a vid off ur computer and load it up.... But i always get a failed message.My vid's are in MPEG-4 movie format & i got lots of stuff in my Windows Media Player... but i can't get it to load up here? (don't know the format of the Windows Player is in)

Do i need some software,to convert the vid's into a certain format before uploading here??

THHX for helping me :p

cute boys in south bay california
Views: 283 · Added: 1034 days ago

if your familiar with the area... i really need a cute bottom in the san jose area
hit up my inbox, i check it daily.

Views: 362 · Added: 1034 days ago

Summary version (in case you don't feel like reading a wall of text) - I'm in love with someone who I've got no shot with (been told no multiple times) and I can't get over him. What do?

Wall of text version - So there's this guy. He's super hot, gay, single, and just happens to be one of my best friends. Let's just call him Jamie (not his real name). Now, several months ago, I came straight out and told him that I really liked him and asked if he'd like to go out on a date. I was told no (what a shock...) because he sees me as more of a brother than a potential boyfriend. Originally I was okay with that, but after unsuccessfully trying my hand with other guys, I kept coming back to Jamie, who gave me the usual answer.

I'm madly in love with Jamie, to the point where I imagine I'm plowing his arse while I'm engaging in a bit of self love. On Saturday we went to a party together, I went to the toilets, and when I came back into the hall I saw him getting off with another guy (who was at least a 7, maybe an 8). I was so upset I left without talking to anybody. I don't think he realises how much he upset me although I'm confident he didn't do it to intentionally hurt me, in fact more than anything, its a call for me to move on. The problem is, I've tried many times in the past to get over this crush, so to speak, and I always keep coming back to Jamie, because we're such close friends so we spend a lot of time together.

I don't want to risk our friendship by confronting him about Saturday and I don't want to ask him out (even though I DESPERATELY want to make a boyfriend out of him). What should I do about this? I'm positive this wonderful community will throw out some valuable advice and I'm thanking you all in advance.

(I should also point out, I've been burned badly by previous relationships. Because of this, and because I've been single for so long now, I tend to become emotionally attached to people in order to fill the void, so to speak.)

any Chicago boys???
Views: 312 · Added: 1034 days ago

hey im lookin to see if there's any Chicago boys out here

...tried more than 10x for uploading ownvids...successfuluploaded but not posted...
AND BY THE WAY:when I have looked also through the `Blogs´ here let me say like that

any one been getting this
Views: 678 · Added: 1034 days ago

Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage

any one besides me been getting this while looking at pics and vids here

Anyone from Connecticut?
Views: 312 · Added: 1034 days ago

anyone here from CT?


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