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Views: 435 · Added: 1031 days ago

what do you guys think of this ass pic? like it or not and why?

Any cute young guys like Daddy/Big Bro types?
Views: 198 · Added: 1031 days ago

I'm a nice looking, fun, older guy (44) who is looking for any cute young smooth guys who like being with a Daddy or Big Bro. I'm in GA, so if you're close by thats even better. But would be good to have a chat buddy.

stop email notifications
Views: 290 · Added: 1031 days ago


How do I stop email notifications every time one of my friends/subscriber uploads a new vid?

2500 and counting. please help. I know its a setting i have overlooked ....thanks

Horny in CT
Views: 203 · Added: 1032 days ago

Hey anybody on here from Connecticut who wants to chat or meet up? I have skype and msn. Message me.

Am I a sick boy?
Views: 544 · Added: 1032 days ago

Well, I went to a family New Year's gathering and I realized that my cousin is extremely sexy. Is it weird that I find him strangely attractive?

video games
Views: 237 · Added: 1032 days ago

do you like any video games? do tell. are you any good? i enjoy tiger woods golf. i play tw2012 on xbox. (just learning) i've played tw on computer for 6 years.

ring in the new year
Views: 215 · Added: 1032 days ago

hey anyone wana cum in the new year message me

Video search
Views: 449 · Added: 1032 days ago

Hi: I watched one hot action video and thought I'd saved it to favorites - twinks having sex - the bottom repeating "fuck me, oh Kevin, fuck me fuck me". Cannot find it among my favorite videos, or anywhere as I search. If anybody has seen it, I wonder if I can find it again. If you even remember, or have it saved, maybe there is a way to communicate what you know about it to me.
Thanks. Happy New Year.

Foot fetish
Views: 203 · Added: 1032 days ago

Any dudes into feet?

Views: 576 · Added: 1032 days ago

hey, any younger guys in swindon (must be UNDER 19 and send ur age)if so drop us a messege :)

Views: 337 · Added: 1033 days ago

that really bad feeling that u know you'll be alone for the best part of two years :L feeling like shit when your m8s get all the girls, and there ent any boys :L never had a serious relationship in my life and more than likley still dont know how to kiss properly. so bit down at the moment lol :L

Views: 192 · Added: 1033 days ago

meet today

Horny Chat ?
Views: 712 · Added: 1033 days ago

Love to chat with other horny guys, of any age no problem....

I am a new guy please read my profile am desperate for some friends to chat to and maybe swop stories with please
may all yor dreams cum cum and again cum true!!!

Happy New Year to everyone
Views: 212 · Added: 1034 days ago

Just like to wish everyone a Happy New Year.And if you interested in being a friend of mine you are all welcome. My motto is every body on this site deserves a Free Hug to welcome in the New Year. Thankyou:)

Views: 193 · Added: 1034 days ago

Anybody up for a meet near swindon tonight for a bit 27 fit

Instant messaging (reminder for nick)
Views: 269 · Added: 1034 days ago

Nick Would it be at all possible to put instant messaging on the site. it would make things allot easier for us to chat and hook up, if not thats fine, private messaging where you can just add someone to contacts straight off the site. you give a gr8 service anyway, thanks for everything :)

Views: 436 · Added: 1034 days ago

oh yummy :)

Travel Advice Needed
Views: 246 · Added: 1034 days ago

Hi, I live in Australia and I'm thinking about going oversea's, I have no experience and the only real knowledge I have if what's in the media now and again, I'd appreciate any advice anyone has on Countries, Places, do's and dont's etc.

New Year
Views: 204 · Added: 1034 days ago

Have a everybody a loveand peacefull 2012, whish all your dreams come true

Views: 175 · Added: 1034 days ago

Hmu if you want to skype. ask for Skype name :)

Website name
Views: 333 · Added: 1034 days ago

Can't anyone figure out the name of the site, upper left corner. Lycra boyz 01, 02, etc.

Ball sac size
Views: 367 · Added: 1034 days ago

Do guys with big ball sacs ejac more and heavier spunk loads or is this just an urban tale?

Views: 363 · Added: 1034 days ago


im looking to meet someone in Texas ???? phonesex???
Views: 297 · Added: 1034 days ago

I do phonesex and trade pics maybe meet someone near in my town to fuck ;)

Views: 199 · Added: 1034 days ago

meet tonight swindon

I'm horny
Views: 151 · Added: 1034 days ago

Could people who live in or around Atlanta,ga please friended me I'm so horny

Want to chat
Views: 264 · Added: 1035 days ago

Hi every one .I am acom .18 yrs .I am new here .Want to chat to guys of my age only ie 16 to 19

Horny and want to chat
Views: 129 · Added: 1035 days ago

Hi there anyone want to chat, i have skype, msn and yahoo mess.

Message me ;)

Horny and want to chat
Views: 141 · Added: 1035 days ago

Hi there anyone want to chat, i have skype, msn and yahoo mess.

Message me ;)

Views: 192 · Added: 1035 days ago

Wana meet someone between 16-28 near Swindon tonight im 26 slim goodlooking in the RAF please get bk.

Views: 150 · Added: 1035 days ago

If you want to post my wall, you're very welcome! I would love to read your message. Please. Thank you very much. :)

Looking for chat
Views: 173 · Added: 1035 days ago

Hi, there looking for someone to chat to aged 20 or under, please message me, i have skype and msn

Views: 264 · Added: 1035 days ago

Feel free to add me on Skype!

Views: 189 · Added: 1035 days ago

Would anyone like to chat, prefebaly under21's, have skype and msn, if so message me

Views: 175 · Added: 1035 days ago

Why are some member avatar pictures not showing up?


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