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Nick please read
Views: 201 · Added: 1036 days ago

Hey This is Ruslan again . This is about Celebrate National GSA Day: January 25th, 2012. I uploaded 2 videos on The great things Gay Straight Alliance is doing . ACHS GSA-Day of Silence.....Gay Straight Alliances. With this day coming up this would be a totally kick way to show this site support for GSA and what Gay Boys are doing at University's. Gay Boys that push for change get things done . Thank you Nick :)

Views: 184 · Added: 1037 days ago

Honestly, I don't know what to point out my blog, but can you please ask me anything? If you're willing to ask me anything, it'll keep me busy. You can inbox me. I'll try my best to point out my blogs for you. I'll owe you if you ask me anything. Thank you very much.

Just Porn, or some support and friendships too>
Views: 1355 · Added: 1037 days ago

OK, lets admit it. The videos and photos here are HOT. And probably not one of us hasn't jerked off to some of them.

But having found a friend's "living room" and his friends, and posts, and supports, the site has taken on a whole different dimension.

So, aside from the sexual aspect of the vids/photos/site///// how many have found friends, and or support from others here?

If u wanna see who I mean, please private message me and I'll tell you the name so you can play on his wall too! It's a pretty awesome place to be!

A bit technical
Views: 141 · Added: 1037 days ago

This question is a bit technical but I'd love to know what software you guys use to rip and compress movie clips. I've been looking at Xvid and Gordan Knot but it seems very drawn out and complicated.

I miss all pics on this site!
Views: 228 · Added: 1037 days ago

Does anybody know where they are?

Important date for teens and 20 somethings
Views: 218 · Added: 1037 days ago

Celebrate National GSA Day: January 25th, 2012

For decades, GSAs have been working to make their campuses safe places for all students regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity. Students who start and take part in these student groups are brave. They dare to create a dialogue to improve lives. We believe that courage deserves to be recognized, to be celebrated! Hey this is Ruslan again . This is am important day to students. So show your support and check it out. You guys like to look at them . So show it in some way :) We are only strong if we stick together . We are weak and nothing when we dont . Love ya Ruslan :)

Views: 302 · Added: 1038 days ago

What type of underwear do you own?
What brand do you own?
What color do you own?
What type is your favorite?
What brand is your favorite?
What color is your favorite?
What type do you find sexy/attractive on another guy?

Views: 223 · Added: 1038 days ago

hey is any one here into rough sex like hard fucking or spanking let me know

New Here - Some Help Please
Views: 167 · Added: 1038 days ago

Joined today and still have not recieved my e-mail verification. I also am unable to upload pics or vids. The open file for uploading does not show for me to selet files to upload. I want to share/participate.

Average cut cocks :D
Views: 259 · Added: 1038 days ago

I love average cut cocks :D who else does ?

Nick Mass deleting of Emails
Views: 531 · Added: 1038 days ago

Nick do you know of any way for me to mass delete Emails ? I have a crazy amount of Emails . It is at the point now that the numbers are filling most of the screen. The only way i know is to delete one at a time. That would take days dude. :( Any ideas you might have would be chill :) Ruslan

Views: 161 · Added: 1039 days ago

I uploaded two albums of pics last night/early this morning and I'm just curious why its taking so long for them to appear? Help anyone?

No New Videos?
Views: 645 · Added: 1039 days ago

I have seen a lot less submission on new videos to start off 2012. Would like to start the year off right with some really great new stuff, so if you happen to have some time please help us out with adding some

god and being gay
Views: 171 · Added: 1039 days ago

if god does not like gay guys then why did he put the prostate in the rectum and in the perfect spot to stimulate............

New Categories Added
Views: 591 · Added: 1039 days ago

I just wanted to let everyone know we added a few new categories Short Films,
Solo, Vintage, and Huge Cocks and if you guys would like any others I might have another 2 we can add soon. Thax

Views: 161 · Added: 1039 days ago

What type of underwear do you own?
What brand do you own?
What color do you own?
What is your favorite type?
What is your favorite brand?
What is your favorite color?
What type do you find sexy/attractive on another guy?

i feel......
Views: 239 · Added: 1039 days ago


anyone from Connecticut?
Views: 209 · Added: 1040 days ago

anyone here from CT who wanna chat and maybe meet up?

Views: 193 · Added: 1040 days ago


I'm bored. Can you please keep me busy? I want to talk with you more. Thanks. :)

Views: 224 · Added: 1040 days ago

Older Younger
Views: 543 · Added: 1040 days ago

Seems like all the vid's here have the older guy as the top. I'm older but like to be topped by young guys anyone have any of those kind of videos ?

boi pussy
Views: 555 · Added: 1040 days ago

If you are into boi pussy, what kind do you prefer - smooth and pink or hairy and dark or some other kind?

Views: 185 · Added: 1040 days ago


I want to thank you for willing to inbox me. It keeps me busy. I really appreciate. Can you please keep talking with me more? I want to get know you. Thanks.

Views: 226 · Added: 1040 days ago

anyone in the US up for some perv phone chat?

Views: 190 · Added: 1041 days ago

Nevermind i will find it eventually.....i jiust hope its soon cuz im starting to lose faith(in love)......

Hampton VA guys
Views: 169 · Added: 1041 days ago

IF any Guys Hampton VA perferably Burckroe beach wanna have sex im down but must be discreet just message me for more info ;D

Views: 196 · Added: 1041 days ago

You can ask me whatever you want. Please. I would love to talk with you. :)

My wall
Views: 190 · Added: 1041 days ago

My profile has apparently been so quiet. There aren't many friends who talk with me on my wall or inbox. I would be very happy if you're willing to inbox me or write on my wall. Whatever you want to talk with me. Thank you very much. :)

Views: 1405 · Added: 1041 days ago

Is it true u can cum without jacking off? If so how? And what's the youngest boy u ever been with?

Problem with 'most recent'
Views: 275 · Added: 1041 days ago

Why is it I can only see the first page of the 'most recent' vids or pics? Is someone experiencing the same problem?

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Views: 181 · Added: 1041 days ago

Looking for other under 18 yearolds living in Ontario. Hit me up if you fit, maybe we could mess around.

Instant messeging, like on facebook
Views: 189 · Added: 1041 days ago

Nick Would it be at all possible to put instant messaging on the site. it would make things allot easier for us to chat and hook up, if not thats fine, private messaging where you can just add someone to contacts straight off the site. you give a gr8 service anyway, thanks for everything :

Views: 1304 · Added: 1041 days ago

hey guys :P
Views: 206 · Added: 1041 days ago

anyone live around boston area looking for new firends?

is it just me?
Views: 278 · Added: 1041 days ago

videos that show nice looking guys having sex. russian vids are prime example. cute boys. they are not exited. not breathing hard. some are laughing, talking. it is guys who are truely turned on that get me going.


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