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Doses anyone know why a lot of the oblerd vides don't play? Theres like 700 pages of vids and only like the 25 most recent play, really kinda sucks!!

New Members
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Someone recognized that there a lot of new members who are female and two of them got the same profile-text?

Trying to show off your cock
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Have any of you guys ever tied to show off your cock to your brother, friends or in the locker room? I have always been horny and kind of a voyeur. Back in 5th grade when I use to play soccer, I would wear loose boxers with my shorts so that the other guys could look up my shorts when I was sitting down. I would alway wear a large size of shorts so that my cock and balls would be visible. I use to catch a lot of team mates looking and that lead to some experimenting after practice. It was fun. In PE, I use to wear silk boxers and walk around so the guys could see how big and loose my dick was when I would walk around. I would sometime get semi hard when changing so that the guys would see a partial tent. I remember keeping the fly of my boxers unbuttoned and I would sit down so that it would open up. The guys in the locker room would constantly walk by and look inside to see how big I was. One time I had a really hard boner and sat there with it hanging out of my fly and the boy who shared the locker next to me told me I had a boner. He was shy about it and I asked if it bothered him. I then noticed that he was getting hard in his hanes briefs. Since no one was around, I asked if he wanted to touch it. He was reluctant, but touched it really quick and I asked I I could touch him. He opened up his briefs and I was surprised that he hadn't really developed much. I touched him and then he sat down on the bench with his small boner out and I asked if I could make him cum, so I jerked him off until just clear liquid came out. I guess he didn't cum much before.

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tattoos turn on or turn off?

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any in east london

rod2117 Present and future leader≧◔◡◔≦
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Guys i want to talk to you about a member here who contacted me. Very sweet very chill guy from Florida. rod2117 He has taken it upon himself to start a new Chapter of GSA (Gay Straight Alliance) at his School. This is the type of Gay teen that will change the planet and change minds one at a time! ≧◔◡◔≦ He is going to contact GSA but can you guys give him your support and tell him what you think of him ! I think he is a leader and i embrace him. He is someone i want to know and be around. Love you Julian ≧◔◡◔≦ Go on his page and give him your ideas.

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i really want to have sex and suck right now.

40 virgin gay
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just wondering how many others are the same as me done a little oral but never gone any futher

dads and sons
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looking for pis or vids of dads with sons, older with younger.


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hey guy me and my bf are looking for someone to have a bit fun with in the bedroom
we are looking for between 17 and 20 mast be verse smooth slim msg me

on another note is it wrong of me to feel violated in a way ie i uploaded just a little vid of me for you as members to watch and enjoy but someone has downloaded it and put it on another site called
if you read this and you are the pearson who did then you have spoiled it for everyone as i had many vids of myself and my bf ready to upload.......if you are the pearson take it off the site because i do fill violated many thanks john24

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Who the hell is this guy who keeps leaving blogs about wanting to trade young videos and pics. He doesn't seem to exist! And yet he repeatedly leaves these requests. Stop hiding whoever you are - cone out and show yourself!!

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Hi my real name is Eric. I just turned 27 at the end of last month. I was born and raised in the Denver suburbs. I graduated high school in 2003, went to college right after, and graduated from that in 2007. I am currently serving in the U.S. Navy. (Ho! Ya! NAVY!) My favorite colors are sapphire blue and red. For music I love orchestra music specificly movie soundtracks. I also love 40's big band (Glenn Miller and the Andrews Sisters). I have several different favorite movies. (Tron: Legacy, all the Star Trek movies, all the Star Wars movies, the Underworld movies (can't date for the next one), all the Pirates of the Caribbean movies, Hook, Mrs. Doubtfire, and many more. I also have several favorite TV shows. All the Star Trek shows, the new version of Dr. Who (David Tennant was the best), Torchwood, The Sara Jane Adventures, Are You Being Served, NCIS, NCIS LA, Eureka, Warehouse 13, the new version of Battlestar Gallactica, Farscape, and many more. My favorite dream cars are a 1967 Selby GT500 Eleanor (the one in Gone in 60 Seconds), and the 2008 Shelby GT500 KR (the one used in the newer version of Knight Rider). The places that I want to visit are the U.K., Vancouver, BC. , can't say Hawaii any more since I live here, Germany, Sydney, Australia, New Zealand, Egypt, Italy, and Ireland. I am bi so I am looking for either the right guy or girl for me, but I do know that I want to have kids, don't care if I have to adopt. If you want to know any thing else (except for what I do in the navy, can only say certain things) just ask.

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Anybody doing anything fun for Halloween?

Hi guys, this is for all the guys on Alex17 page that have been supporting me through a rough time in my life. i want them to know why i've been having a couple of melt downs the last few weeks. Please be respectful if your going to post a comment. i don't need negative feed back.

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More and more the vids today are showing very hot rimming action. It is becomming more common, and I really enjoy receiving as well as giving it after a hot shower. However if you google "rimming" you will read doctors accounts of how dangerous this practice is. Now I have to admit to getting a serious sore throat once - but not sure if it was from rimming. Has anyone experienced some illness as a result of this practice - just wondering how often guys get sick from it.

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Hi boyz horny as hell any boyz in westyorkshire up for a meet this week can accommodate no probs x

What’s the most embarrassing thing to happen to you?
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Well I think this embarrassed my kids as much as me. When my kids were tweens we decided to join a Bally’s fitness center mostly for them, but my partner and I really needed some toning up, so we signed.
The first thing I wanted to do was the same as the kids. We wanted to swim in the pool and hit the hot tub. We then showered as is proper and then I donned my swim trunks. (Not used to this as we swim nude)
After the shower and properly dressed I headed out to the pool area and noticed right away that I was not only being stared at, but there were some giggles. Not only that, but my kids were looking at me with absolute horror in their eyes. Of course I immediately looked down to check if I was wearing my trunks and I was, so I couldn’t understand what everyone was on about.
That’s when my scalp itched a little so I reached up to scratch it and lo and behold I hadn’t rinsed the shampoo out if my hair and I mean it was lathered to the hilt. I must have looked like an actual clown. I ran back into the showers and rinsed off and when I returned everyone applauded.

About upload videos
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Shit! is anyone explain to me why my videos didn't worked? I tried to upload more videos but sadly it didn't worked!!! I demand answers!!

hot young boys
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anyone wanna trade pics

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anyone wanna trade hot pics

nifty archives
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donny mumford..prolific authors..written much about the submissive...he did a lot of developing of the situations and the being real..a very talented writer...or maybe I learned something about yself and others..could be wrong..but..let me know what you all think...

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anyone wanna trade hot pics

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The latest stuff in Duisburg....was it good...???

A post that i was trying to put on a friends wall
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Hi guys, this is for all the guys on Alex17 page that have been supporting me through a rough time in my life. i want them to know why i've been having a couple of melt downs the last few weeks. Please be respectful if your going to post a comment. i don't need negative feed back.

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Who likes to eat there own cum, or, have cum over their face. I think its a great turn on but wondered what u guys thought...

What’s up with EMO’s?
I spent my teen years in the 70’s and 80’s and most of my generation had the same hair style, we called it long hair and from what I’ve seen we had the same clothing style of tight jeans and shirt design. We never called ourselves anything really. All teenagers are moody and very emotional and from what I’ve seen of EMO twinks we were identical. As I see it EMO is just the same as all style statements. By that I mean styles repeat themselves.
We can start with ties. First they were wide and I mean really wide and frilly. Then they went thin and then back to wide and thin again. Personally I hate ties and never wear them for any reason, but there you go.
Cars started out boxy and then turned rounded and then back to boxy and now they are rounded again and some cars are nothing but boxes with windows. Scion I hate you!
When I was a kid I had a thing for guys with braces and teardrop glasses. Admit it, boys with braces are adorable, but now they have invisible braces and the glasses have gone so square and boxy that they remind me of librarians, but I know that in a few years those things will go back to the way they were, so I’ll just wait because everything’s going retro again.
So, maybe that is why vintage porn is so big these days? I don’t know, just saying.

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Open Message to Web-Cam Users
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Or, to anyone making their own videos...on the very off-chance that someone here would want to make a video to share...these are just a few suggestions for making a successful, good, watchable video. The most important item, guys, is lighting: if we (your audience) cannot see what's going on, the video ain't gonna get high marks. Even if you're not going to show your face (understandable), you still need to have whatever it is you ARE going to show well-lit...otherwise, what's the point? Think about what you're going to do and what you're going to show...take a close look at where you're going to shoot your video and see what the lighting looks like. Take a practice video, just to make sure. Basically, the arrangement should be lights, camera, then you; if the lights are off to one side, then you can change the arrangement to camera, lights, and then you. You should *never* be between the camera and your lights, although you can certainly have additional lighting behind you; just make sure it's not too bright (again, take a practice video). If at all possible, have sound...especially if you're one of those wonderful guys who gets a little noisy when you're about to cum! Sound adds an incredible amount to any video. Try not to move the camera around too much, if at all. The best is to set the camera up in such a way that YOU can move around within the shot. That's not to say you should never pick up your camera during the video; a few close-up shots, or "detail" shots are fine...but, too much moving around will just make your viewers motion-sick! Now, if you're doing a j/o video, please, guys, either do it all the way to a climax, or, don't bother. "Teasing" videos are cruel and unusual punishment, especially if you're really cute! Last but not least, camera-angle. The absolute worst position for the camera is, unfortunately, THE most popular with the subscription-sites as well as with amateur video-makers: the guy is laying on his back, with the camera set low, between his legs, so all we can really see are his bouncing balls. Now, bouncing balls are lovely, but, that's NOT what we really want to see. It's not called the money-shot for nothing, guys....we want to see you cum! The absolute best angle is a three-quarter view, where your (hopefully) spurting cock is in clear view, and we can also see your tummy and chest, where all that lovely cum is gonna splatter...even better, if we can also see your face as you're shooting your load! Or, directly from the side, again allowing the viewer to see your cock and the "landing-zone"....Best of all, of course, is to have someone else taking the video, but, then, you'd probably be doing stuff with HIM and not making a video in the first place!!

I have submitted more, but I haven't seen them get posted yet and I can understand that.
My collection is old and some don't even show up with pictures in my thumbs. I assume this is because they are of an old format, so I don't bother with them.
I have no idea how to tell if a video has a watermark or not, so I submit them blindly. If they don't get posted then I will assume they are watermarked.
By the way, how many can one post in a day?

swindon boy
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hey guys, looking for young boys my age (ask in a messege for age range) for skype to chat, maybe vid chat (im very cam shy btw). add me on skype or message me on this, cnt wait :)
(prefably in or near swindon)

P.S. if u just add me skype, plz includ age and location (must be below the age of 19)

older dom guys in london
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Hi guys looking for older guys in london esp se london. love to be dominated spanked forced fantasies etc . Get in touch. If further afield write and tell me what you would like to do to me.

Help for people in need
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Hi everyone,
I've been trying to post this on a friends wall but its not working for some reason. this is the message i was trying to post. I know its nothing sexy or about porn but its very personal. please don't give negative feed back, if its not your thing then don't comment.

Morning everyone. FYI i've woken up feeling good this morning. not 100% but better :) thanks to everyone that gave me there support when i was down. My advice to anyone that is feeling down, talk to someone, you don't need to suffer alone, you issues may or may not be sexuality related, that doe's not matter, because they are your issues, every one has them, and you are not alone. During my teenage years i attempted suicide 3 times, i also turned to self harm in many ways, self harm is not just cutting yourself, personally it was alcohol & drug abuse, crime and of course self mutilation. i suffered alone, i did not turn to family or friends, if you feel you can't talk to them there are people on here that you can talk to that have had similar life experience's. Over the last week i have had high highs and very low lows. I voiced them here and i was embraced and supported. Even to the point that Alex17 searched online and forwarded me the phone number of a support group. (Love your support Ruslan, you know i'm here for you if you ever have a moment of need) One thing that i do with my friends is that if i see that there not there usual self i ask them if there ok, sometimes all they need is to know that you care and your looking out for them, theres nothing wrong with just asking them if there ok.

About Me and Why I'm Here
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Like almost everyone here, I first came to this site for the videos...great collection of videos featuring the barely-legal young men that I find so attractive. But, a funny thing happened...met a young man named Ruslan (Alex17 is his page), who's trying to change the world, and has set up his wall as a place where other gay-youth can help each other get through the shit that life so often hands us. He's an amazing young man, and it's just wonderful watching all of the incredible guys there helping each other. As for me, well, I'm far from a gay-youth, but, of course, I was one once, a long time ago. Ruslan has asked me to post an occasional tidbit about the time I was a gay-youth, just as an example of how far we've come, and how far we still need to go. But, I participate on Ruslan's wall for other reasons, as well. First of all, there are times when younger folks *do* need to hear from us "old farts," if for no other reason than to know that it DOES get better. Secondly, after my 10-years in the Navy, I went to the University of California, Berkeley, and San Francisco State University, and got degrees in Clinical Psychology, Adolescent Psychology and Human Sexuality; I then worked for quite a while as a gay-youth counselor. I've done everything from basic counseling to emergency crisis intervention and if there's anything I can do to assist anyone here, you have but to ask. As well, I'm active on Ruslan's wall to act as a bit of a backstop for *him*...someone he can turn to with questions as well as someone to simply talk to if he starts to feel overwhelmed by it all. I have immense respect for Ruslan and for what he's doing...but, all counselors know that they need someone whom they can "unload" on...otherwise, we tend to keep things bottled up inside US, and we're soon of no use to anyone. Finally, I'm participating in Ruslan's site to help make sure it remains a very safe place for gay-youth to come and post their comments, suggestions or problems. So, if I can offer any help to anyone here, feel free to post a comment here, on my wall, on Ruslan's wall, or in a private message...I promise to do whatever I can to help.

Not Letting Me Upload Vids >.<
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I upload and says to wait 12 hours and nothing happens :( what can i do to make it work?

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really horny
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hey so im here all night horny as always if u wana chat have fone sex cam what ever email me ages 18 to 25 only please, and as always if ur in maryland lets meet so if u want action now ... email me


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