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get to know me better
Views: 214 · Added: 1017 days ago

A really cute Christmas gift for all of you
Views: 382 · Added: 1018 days ago

Merry Christmas

Views: 297 · Added: 1018 days ago

Q. Did you hear about the two gay guys who went to London?
A. They were REALLY pissed off when they found out Big Ben was a clock

hairy men
Views: 259 · Added: 1019 days ago

who also here likes hairy men. Also, who also here likes nudist lake or sauna?

Daddies and Sons
Views: 1383 · Added: 1019 days ago

Hi, are any younger guys here REALLY inot older guys? I'm not really into older guys myself and was wondering if other young guys are, or if it is kinda like some fantasy for older guys that doesn't really exist - or only if the older guy is paying for it?

Used condoms
Views: 786 · Added: 1019 days ago

Hi guys anyone into used condoms full of cum or got any story's about used condoms ??

Views: 841 · Added: 1019 days ago

My tumblr.
Views: 615 · Added: 1019 days ago

My boyfriend and I Made a dirty tumblr. ;)
Enjoy and reblog! Message me for any suggestions or if you have any comments.

Good Morning
Views: 186 · Added: 1019 days ago

Morning everybody hope all slept well, would love to chat :) hit me up!!

Views: 180 · Added: 1019 days ago


Harry Morgan died today
Views: 192 · Added: 1020 days ago

Harry Morgan has stared in such shows as Dragnet and Mash as Col. Potter. He's also stared in quite a few movies. Harry died today at the age of 96.
I don't know what his political views were, but I don't care. His voice is what I will miss the most. I grew up with Harry and I could always tell just by the sound of his voice when he was on TV. I'll miss you Harry

Views: 377 · Added: 1020 days ago

Hey guys, im new to being gay and all the experiences and really wanna try all the new and funnn things :). I really want to tell my parents that im gay but i dont know how. All my friends know but it's harder to tell your parents. Please help me out guys. I also cant load my pics up i have lots but it's not letting me. Please help out guys!!

watching videos on phone.
Views: 222 · Added: 1020 days ago

I can not watch videos on my phone. Would my phone be lacking something or what. I have loaded Flash but it didn't help. can any one help me?

Good Morning
Views: 232 · Added: 1021 days ago

Hii everybody, hope all slept well :) have a good day, message me if you would like to chat. :p

Views: 232 · Added: 1021 days ago

Am I the only one that photos will not upload for? I have been trying for days...

rough stuff
Views: 319 · Added: 1021 days ago

So who is into rough stuff like spanking bondage etc, just curious of what fetish people like. feel free to really explaine how you like to get or be rough in bed.

Views: 1392 · Added: 1021 days ago

What websites do you guys get these pictures from that are posted in the pictures section?

Views: 228 · Added: 1021 days ago

all me

Views: 337 · Added: 1021 days ago

who is online now ......
Views: 208 · Added: 1021 days ago

i wanna chat with every 1..

hey guys
Views: 194 · Added: 1021 days ago

Just laying around the house, want to chat? hit me up!!

Views: 406 · Added: 1022 days ago

Hey guys, wanna chat hit me up :) laying around bored tonight!! I got pics let me know if u wanna see!!

hey how are you doing. im 18 and really horny
Views: 619 · Added: 1022 days ago

if anyone lived in georgia or near georgia.. any ages from 18-100 anyone wana come and fuck me they can... i get horny 8-9 times of the days alot of hornyness and alot of cum... im skinny and got a tight ass... and a hugh dick... i love sucking and pushin it in someone ass i love oral and anal sex

My tumblr.
Views: 238 · Added: 1022 days ago

My boyfriend and I Made a dirty tumblr. ;)
Enjoy and reblog! Message me for any suggestions or if you have any comments.

Views: 180 · Added: 1022 days ago

Hi guys would love to chat, interested? hit me up :) I do have pictures but this site is not loading them up right!!

Views: 146 · Added: 1022 days ago

Hi people, if u wanna chat 2 me just inbox me or add my yahoo :) thanks! x

Looking for cutie
Views: 190 · Added: 1023 days ago

I wish i had a cute guy i can talk to when i get lonely. Anybody want to talk to a athletic sexy guy message me.

old video player
Views: 339 · Added: 1023 days ago

When are you going back to the old player, it used to work on my Acer iconia a500 tablet, now I can't watch no videos now, how about you giving us an update on what's going on and telling us your working on it, instead of you ignoring us.

chat :)
Views: 180 · Added: 1023 days ago

If anybody want's to chat Im avaliable :)

Videos not appearing
Views: 253 · Added: 1023 days ago

I must have downloaded at least seven new videos within the past week, none have materialized. Anybody else having the same problem? I'm told each time that they have been successfully downloaded, but then nothing happens. There was nothing underage about any of them and all seemed to fall into line with the type of films everybody else is successfully downloading. Help!

New Video Player Issues
Views: 196 · Added: 1024 days ago

I'm in agreement with previous blogs regarding the new video player, the sit moderator should really consider reverting back to the previous player. There's several issues with this new version including it's generally not as sharp and clear on new player and uploads often become pixelated, plus constant buffering while you watch videos.

advice needed
Views: 398 · Added: 1024 days ago

it all started when i was 14-15 when a friend asked me if i wanted to be gay i said yes and he said do i know what to do. at the start we just sucked and kissed each other and it wasnt till i was about 18 that we tried anal sex which was great at the time and at the start we couldnt keep our hands of each other. im now 31 and his 33 and we have have had sex every month since may last year i tried telling him how i feel about him that i love him and want to be with him but he says its just fun and that he doesnt feel the same should i tell him that im not have sex with him anymore and till commits to me or should i just enjoy what we have i cant stop thinking about him

any advice of comments will be great

Nck18 and Admin
Views: 241 · Added: 1024 days ago

Well Nick18 it's been over 4weeks now since my profile got wipe off this site losing all 215 friends all my vids and photos I wrote to you asking for help to return them and u never even reply to me and made no effort to help so just like to say that you are a total cunt and Adim are a bunch of wankers fanks for nothing I no u won't replay to this and u can ban me I don't care anymore about u shitty little site x

Views: 198 · Added: 1024 days ago

walmart in hooksett nh does not like women work there.

Views: 213 · Added: 1024 days ago

hey horny as always who wants to have some fun

big nipples?
Views: 264 · Added: 1024 days ago

I think big nipples are a huge turn-on. Agree?


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