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How to add a music player etc. to your profile
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I got a flash MP3 player here ,and I upped the mp3 files to this free web host whether u create a free profile then upload called you then paste the hotlink, not the share link URL, from each upped file there individually into the track list page of the file player pimp tour profile website. Then name them and then click to create the code copy and paste it into edit profile under the about you section, if you want it to play in the blogs and pages that you create. (try to make sure you know which code you jave added it you already have other code in there, maybe add to a different section of the profile)...set the pixel size in the player in the HTML code from 300 to 220 and away you go. You can reduce the volume there too.If you are confident you can edit the code and remove add and links too, but perhaps keep a copy in case you have to repaste it into the profile. Good luck RusT XXXX

almost two days!!!
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.....Hey Nick what happened?? I sure missed GBT ....glad iys back .....cheers

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hiya add me on skype if ur 18-23 years old thx my skype is onelovebaltimore

Trouble to get in this site?
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You can try to add DNS for CA. That will help.

Looking for places to eat
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We are all from around the world and we have at least a few things in common. 1 is we all must eat. I am looking for place not just in the USA but around the world that are gay friendly and or supportive I am looking for all 3 meals breakfast lunch and dinner and even clubs to dance and party. so if you have a fav place localy or around the world please leave me a note with the name address and what you recomend there.
Your guide

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thank god you back nick. i missed you so much mate wtf?

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just doing my thing, so i can be better?
OH! come on u whay my skinny butt,
i get lost of sicko sorry i check out all
for the frats that said no and fucked me ??
it hurt....

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What is all this about on the BLOG to me it reads like a load of RUBBISH!
Are we under a HOMOPHOBIC ATTACK... in my opinion the site users that have wrote all this RUBBISH should be STRUCK OFF..GBT is an excellent site and long may it continue!

Blog Page
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Nick what has to this page,can you get rid of all this rubbish which has invaded this area

Attack of the crazy guy
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Looks like we were down because of some crazzzzy guy. The lengths some folk will go to. Has he nothing better to do with his time?

Blogs ????? Whats up here Nick?
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You see what is going on here dude ? The Blog section is a great tool . It seems like someone is not being respectful with this tool. Please do something about this . Ruslan :(

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Live Cam Chat
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Does anyone ever use the Live Cam Chat feature on this site? Or am I just not working it right, never seems to be anyone there.

Gardasil for boys and men
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Human papillomavirus (pap-ah-LO-mah-VYE-rus) (HPV) is the most common sexually transmitted virus in the United States. At least 50% of sexually active people will have genital HPV at some time in their lives. Gardasil is a vaccine approved by the US Center for Disease Control. Gardasil is recommended for all teen boys and men through age 21, who did not get all three doses of the vaccine when they were younger. The vaccine is also recommended for gay and bisexual men (or any man who has sex with men) and men with compromised immune systems (including HIV) through age 26, if they did not get fully vaccinated when they were younger. All men (straight, bisexual or gay) may get the vaccine through age 26. The recommendation stops at 26 only because there are no test results on the effectiveness of Gardasil on older males.

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Hi guys, I was wondering if there is any other way to talk to other users besides the blog. I noticed there was a chat page but i can't make it work and i think it's like personal chat. Isn't there some kind of chat room? :)

500ml of milk
200g of white flour plain or selfraising
3 large eggs
mix or whisk all these togther making sure there are no lumps. add little more flour or milk to the batter as u want.
add about 1 tablespoon melted butter and mix in.
add small ammount of (2-3 tablespoons) sugar to sweeten OR ADD pinch of salt to season for savoury pancakes.
Get a non stick pan hot and use very small ammount of melted butter in the pan.
add about 1 cup (1/3 mug) of mixture and move it all round the pan so its covered and thin.
when the pancake can be lifted at the edges (it is probably cooked enough) it may be turned using a spatula and fingers, try not to fold or break it (not easy at first) Pancakes break when u turn them too early.
Serve the pancake with lemon and sugar (english style)or syrup if sweet pancakes or any other topping u like.
savoury pancakes can be filled with a hot savoury filling (like bolognaise or tuna and condenced mushroom soup etc) and sprinkled with cheese baked in the oven 180c for a few mins and served.


I reckon that this is a great site but I haven't seen many recipes here yet. I promised a few people too - so I will put some here.

Light Scones
(RusT always makes double and sometimes triple this)

250g self-raising flour with a pinch of salt

50g caster sugar

100g butter at room temperature, cubed

1 large egg (duck eggs are best)

Yoghurt or Buttermilk

Preheat the oven to 450F/220C and lightly grease a baking sheet.

Sift the flour and salt into a warm bowl (forget warm bowl, RusT says) and add the sugar. Then rub in the butter lightly with your fingertips until the mixture looks like coarse breadcrumbs. Break the egg into a measuring jug, beat with a fork and then add buttermilk or yoghurt to bring the mixture up to the 5fl oz/150ml level. Beat together and then pour into the bowl and mix gently until the dough comes together. It should be slightly sticky, so add a little more liquid if it looks dry. Knead lightly with floured hands, then pat it onto a floured surface to 1”/2.5cm thick.

Flour a 2”/5cm cutter and cut out rounds, placing them on the baking sheet. Re-form and cut the trimmings. Bake them in the top of the oven for 10-12 minutes until golden brown. If you can lift one without the top breaking off, they are done. Put them on a wire cooling rack and wrap the whole thing in a tea towel. Ideally – serve while still slightly warm.

For fruit scones add 2oz/60g (RusT almost doubles this) mixed dried fruit, sultanas or chopped, peeled eating apple to the mixture after rubbing in the butter.

(You could brush with egg on top to give them a shine. If I do this I sometimes sprinkle on sesame seeds. HRT scones!!)

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what be up with the codes at the end of a sentence.)p <<

GBT Web Page
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OK everybody..have a look at the web page of PHALLUSSY..fantastic and with a choice of music...HOW DO U DO THIS i would luv to know!? answer's please to lakescruiser

Account Verification
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Hi Nick, I've just registered but have yet to receive the email to verify my account.

Ive checked my junk mail folder as well as my inbox.

Concerned that once I log out later that I wont be able to re-log back in.

Is there any way of contacting the Admin team if this happens?


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When I awoke, my cock ached with the sweet pressure of a rigid erection. I could still vaguely feel the intensity my dream about my friend Paul. I could clearly remember the night before, however. The sweet musky scent of our young teenage sweat and cum was still fresh on my body. I wanted Paul’s smooth skin on mine, to feel his warmth once again. For three years we had been sitting together in class. Now I realised, that he had felt the same way I that did the whole time. But we would not be able to do anything again, not yet. His parents were up and in the kitchen, noisily getting the breakfast ready. “They’re going out later”, Paul said simply. It was pure torture, separately showering and acting like normal around his parents, whilst knowing what would surely happen after they left. I did my best not to wonder what exactly that might be however. I was desperately trying not to get hard in front of his parents. I ate, struggling to distract myself. Fighting the urge to touch my friend and hold him close. After an eternity his parents left for town and we were at last alone once more. “I’ll be right back” Paul said and left the Kitchen for a minute. When he returned he looked sort of mischievous but he wasn’t saying anything. We went back to Paul’s room, the scene of the previous night’s passionate awakening. Paul closed the door and turned around. We gazed at each other intensely, as if for the first time. The morning sun streamed in from the roof window, bathing Paul in a golden glow. His tousled fair hair a fiery corona against the light. I could hardly swallow my throat was so dry. My heart was pounding; it’s beat drumming out a rhythm in my hardening cock. I could see the swollen outline of Paul’s cock pressing against the front of his jeans. We had both been hard long before we went upstairs. I could see a small wet patch on his jeans at the end of his cock and clearly see the shape of its head through the denim. Paul was staring at my face as I was looking at his cock, I realised. It sort of thrilled me that he was getting excited about me watching him. I pulled off my shirt and he did the same. I would never get tired of looking at his slender smooth torso, his lightly toned shoulder muscles and beautiful abs. He was a keen swimmer, and you could tell. I was a keen cyclist however and so I was built differently. Paul pulled my hands away from my belt as I started to undo it, and took over. He was going to undress me I realised. Such a thrill of excitement shot through me at this thought that it made me a bit weak at the knees. Paul knelt down before me; I felt his warm breath on my stomach. Long slim fingers gently opened my belt and the top button of the jeans. Then hooking his fingers around the belt he pulled them down slowly as I shuddered, my breathing becoming more frantic. I could see my small bush and the shaft of my cock as he slowly revealed them. Suddenly the end of my cock was released, it sprang upward and slapped against my chest once before it was too hard. Paul blew lightly on the head of my cock as it bobbed up and down close to his face. My glans ballooned right up and a clear bead of liquid oozed out and rolled down the front of my cock as several involuntary contractions jerked it upwards. “You are soooo hard”, Paul said, fascinated. He pulled my jeans right down and I stepped out of them. Now fully hard, standing naked in the sunlight before my friend - this was something I had always imagined. Paul put one hand flat onto my shivering stomach and ran the other up the back of my leg until he reached my ass. He pressed his thumb onto the base of my cock behind my balls and then I could feel his long fingers around my ass tickling. When he pressed his hand against me there; the waves of exquisite sensation spread though all the lower half of my body. As I gasped and shuddered Paul moved his other hand up my stomach and over my nipples then I felt his warm cheek against my belly. I held his head in my trembling hands pressing him into my belly feeling his silky hair through my fingers, the heat of his breath on my cock. Then with the tip of his tongue he touched my aching cock lightly. A sudden shock of sensation; and as my cock jerked up and down the feelings was amplified. I couldn’t take much more of this before I would reach orgasm. Paul stood up then and slipped off his jeans too. As he did so he took something out of his pocket. He opened the tube of lube he had been holding and squeezed some out onto his hard cock and hand. Then he looked at me again with that same impish mischievous expression I saw earlier. I knew him well enough to know what that meant, and it excited me. He walked around behind me looking at me intently. Not knowing what to expect was such a thrill, my cheeks were burning and my face was hot. Paul reached between my legs from behind and suddenly his fingers were inside me. The lube made it surprisingly easy. He put more lube on his fingers and did the same again pressing forwards slightly, a new sensation. My cock was even harder now almost painfully hard. “I’ve always loved your bum”, Paul said softly “lie down, ok”. So I did, while he knelt on the floor between my raised knees. My gaze locked onto his lovely cock, so smooth and straight, “as long as my two middle fingers” he had told me once. Now I knew he had not exaggerated. I looked up at his lightly freckled face; his full lips always seemed to be smiling. Paul’s light blue eyes looked into mine and I knew he wanted this so badly, but was he waiting for me, hardly daring to ask the question. I raised my eyebrows a little and nodded a silent “YES” Lifting my legs up Paul pushed my knees almost to my ears. I rocked back holding my knees gasping. Our eyes locked as we breathed together, two naked bodies bathed in the golden light of the waking sun. On the tip of Paul’s cock a pearl of lubricant squeezed from him. The faint jasmine scent of his body filled my nostrils and sent blood pounding, singing in my ears. I could see Paul’s heart moving under his smooth velvet skin and my heart was beating with his. Paul’s loins moved forwards, and then he was inside me, slowly moving deeper. An intense fullness and pressure that I’d never felt before made my cock so hard as it pressed flat against my stomach. Paul’s movements quickened as he moved back and forth gently. Our eyes were locked together, each reading the others delight there. Paul’s rapid breaths smelled sweet on my face, as he leant lower over me approaching his climax. I could feel his cock inside me so hard now. He bent lower and kissed me on the mouth then, for the first time. Suddenly an involuntary spasm shot through my body and I tightened around Paul’s cock. I was cumming. I hadn’t really thought it was possible as I wasn’t even touching my cock, but I was cumming! silver ropes of cum shot across my chest as I involuntarily squeezed Paul’s cock to the same rhythm. Paul was so excited by this that his cock was pulsing inside me a second later, he moaned and shuddered releasing his hot cum. After a moment we kissed again, for much longer this time holding one another tightly. Our lips parted and our tongues and even our teeth touched. I felt the wetness of my cum between us and we both shone with sweat in the warm golden sunlight. “We need another shower” I said, laughing. “Yes we do” Paul softly whispered accentuating the “we”. I could see that mischievous expression on his face again.

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any1 here around my age 18-25 wana skype add me my skype is) onelovebaltimore

I need to get this off my chest.
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I've been thinking a lot lately about a friend of mine. Her name is Sam. All throughout high school, Sam and I were very good friends. We first met in my school's version of homeroom, only it was in the middle of the day. I was sitting alone at my desk, as I usually was - I was so confused and timid then - and she came up to and sat across from me. She was so kind that we quickly became friends. I found out that we had a lot in common: we both enjoyed the same kind of music, we were both in the same band class (yes, I am a band geek), and we both shared many of the same views. We were practically meant to be best friends. I always thought that that was what she wanted, but I found out otherwise during my senior year.

She had broken up with her boyfriend a little more than a month before, and we were at the district music festival when she started with some fairly strong signals, which I tried my hardest to ignore (I was playing dumb). But still, she remained persistent and she started really throwing herself at me. I, still being in the closet, did not want to tell her my darkest personal secret, so I resorted to probably the worst possible option. I told her it would never work out between us because we were too different. I didn't give her any other reason besides that one, and I really think it hurt her feelings.

After nearly two weeks of avoiding me and not speaking to me, she started talking to me again, only a little though. We spoke mostly in passing, but I could tell she still had these strong feelings for me. Our relationship went almost back to where it was before, but there was some tension between us that still hasn't really gone away.

I remember, on the night I graduated(she was still a junior), she cried because she didn't want me to go. That night, we shared a very long hug, a hug that I feel had a completely different meaning for me than it did for her. I wanted so badly to tell her why I didn't think our relationship would last, but I still had that deep terror of telling somebody that I'm gay. So I left it unsaid and moved onto college.

As she plans on making her move up to college in the coming fall, I know that she is considering to come to the same college I am currently attending, but I fear she is making the decision based on the fact that I am here and she feels there is still a chance of kindling some sort of relationship between us that is more than just "friends," but I still can't bring myself to utter those three words that I know will make my life so much easier. I feel like such a jerk.

Any Long Island guys on here?
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My partner & I would like to make some local friends from Long Island, who would be into getting together & enjoying some of these videos together, & having a jerk 'N squirt party.
Any guys between say 22 & 42, in the Long Island or N.Y. area interested? Get back to me.

uk lads?
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Any one north east up for meets? kam fun, making vids?
in UK

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add me oimupset looking for some fun lol any ages im young slim and nice size cock if u want to see vids of me look at my profile

Favourite pics gone
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Ive noticed most of my favourite pics have dissapeared, will they be coming back?

How many times have you been in love?
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I been in love about 7 times
Girls: 3
Guys: 4

Football wank
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There was a video on here before alot of them were removed and the guy looked to be atleast 18 or 19 and he was on a webcam in his bed and the title was footballer wank i belive.he had shaggy brown hair and brown eyes. if anyone can help me find this video it would be greatly appriciated and i may upload a vid of me getting of to if you'd like.


if anyone else make this worse experiences please informate `Nick18´(Asministrator)

so I did & I am not alone with that STALKER-Object

Thank you for your active Help

in reallove: `Funny96´...

need to be fucked
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who wants to fuck my asshole?

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More pictures
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I think I will upload more pictures tomorrow. :)

vid downloading blocked?
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the past couple of days, i aint been able to DL vidz from GBT; i can still DL from any other sites, so im wondering if there a block on GBT now or is it just moi? thx, signed, Nobody Tells Me Nuttin:}..♥..♥..♥..♥..♥..♥.


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